A Year of Sketchbookery

January 28, 2024

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Just when you least expected it, I'm back from my blogging sabbatical! Although, unfortunately for you, I don't have much to offer in terms of good content. Luckily, I intermittently scan sketches, which allows me to mine them in an annual tradition I like to call, "A Year of Sketchbookery".

In the interest of consistency, here is a rundown of what my sketches entail from last year:

Many of my sketches are drawn from the Croquis Cafe life modeling videos. They’re a great resource and you should definitely check them out if you are doing any kind of figure drawing. Within the last couple years they have gone subscription only, so subscribe you lousy bum! The rest of the sketches are a mishmash of stupid cartoons, concepts, and even some drawings that made their way into various blog posts throughout the year.

Additionally, there are a handful of sketches based on books I read in 2023, which I'll delve into more in a future post. What's that? Include a few sketches here? Sure! Let's start it off with an image called Shotgun and a Pipe!, for obvious reasons...

Nobody move, nobody get hurt

And since I don't want to recreate my sketchbook here, let's finish this off with some summertime 1930's farmer sketches:

Who's a good chicken... you are... you are...

Finally, here's a link to my full set of 2023 sketches: https://www.souledesigns.com/sketchbook/2023.


Owen Soule

Published January 28, 2024