Video Game Sculpts

October 21, 2023

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Bruh, I'm back with some long awaited artwork. These sculpts are mainly from my "first grade" phase, but there is a bit of "second grade" style sprinkled in to keep it lit. Don't be a sussy baka, check 'em out!

Boxy Boo (made with real springs!) from Poppy's Playtime
Choo Choo Charles the freakish spider/locomotive monster from the eponymous game released in late 2022
100K Blue (maybe Golden Blue?) from Rainbow Friends commemorating 100K vistors to the game
A pair of Purples also from Rainbow Friends
Xenophanes Sonic who is some kind of internet meme evil Sonic the Hedgehog
Evil Teletubbie (Red) from a random Roblox game
Evil Teletubbie (Yellow) from the same random Roblox game!
Banban from Garten of Banban
A pair of Nabnabs from Garten of Banban
Jumbo Josh from Garten of Banban
Killer Banbalina from Garten of Banban
Barry the flatulent guard from Barry's Prison Run
Sans from Undertale
Toy Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's
Roblox Guy Killer from Backrooms
An unpainted Hall Monitor from Backrooms
Devil from Piggy
Willow from Piggy
Scary Larry from Roblox

Last, but not least, I break from the video game mold and present a YouTube inspired beast, the Skibiti Toilet!!

Skibiti, skibiti, dub, yes, yes, skibiti, skibiti, yeet, yeet!
Will Soule

Published October 21, 2023