A Year of Sketchbookery

January 26, 2023

Latest Post Figuary 2023 by Owen Soule

It's back! After an unexplained hiatus, I decided to reinstate the annual tradition of a sketchbook recap post. For those who don't remember how this works, allow me to explain through slightly modified verbiage pilfered from a prior year:

Many of my sketches are drawn from the Croquis Cafe life modeling videos. They’re a great resource and you should definitely check them out if you are doing any kind of figure drawing. Within the last couple years they have gone subscription only, so subscribe you lousy bum! The rest of the sketches are a mishmash of stupid cartoons, concepts, and even some drawings that made their way into various blog posts throughout the year.

In the interest of adding some content to this post, here is a random drawing of some British people in 1920s Egypt from last May:

Pip pip, cherrio, and all that jazz.

And for some more randomness, stock photoy people and Montgomery Gator (from Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach):

Monty Gator will swallow your soooooouuulll...

Finally, here's a link to the full set of 2022 sketches: https://www.souledesigns.com/sketchbook/2022 This doesn't cover all my sketches but it's a good sampling. Perhaps this is better illustrated with a dated meme?

Mmmm, probably not.

Owen Soule

Published January 26, 2023