Darkness 6 Layouts Continued

November 27, 2019

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Real quick update on this project, I did decide to move forward with The Darkness and in fact I bought the compendium from Ebay so I am fully Darknessed up! My course wrapped up a few weeks ago but I’m on to the next round of pages to complete a total of eight for the Top Cow Talent Hunt. The first four are finish pencilled and I haven’t decided to hold them and post the entire set or post them sooner rather than later… hmmm. Only time will tell.   

Anyway, here are my layouts for the next four pages.  No demons or creeping darkness, although there is a gory shot of the villain, Paulie, after he has been skinned and hung from a ceiling fan by The Darklings (the demons Jackie and his Darkness power controls). So there’s that. The remaining three pages take place in a park where Jackie is somewhat stalking his dead girlfriend’s sister. If you want to read the actual script it is here, these are pages 19-22. Enjoy!




Owen Soule

Published November 27, 2019