Sandman 24 Breakdowns

October 6, 2019

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After a wee one and half year layoff, I'm back making comic pages! And not just any pages, I returned to the Sandman issue 24 layouts I began prior to my hiatus. Don’t get me wrong, I have been drawing and sketching pretty regularly but I just never got up the nerve to tackle pages mainly due to the time commitment. The impetus to work on these pages came in the form of self-improvement via another Comics Experience course. I’m starting their advanced art course in a few weeks and figured this project would be a good warm up.

While I’m not super pleased with these pages, I don’t think I’ve lost much in my time off. In fact, I think I’ve been infected by a fine cross-hatching bug after reading too many Marvel titles as of late!   Anyway, here are the breakdowns of the first four pages of Sandman 24. I’m on the fence about inking these or moving on to a new drawing project until my course begins. It is Inktober but I’ve really enjoyed getting back into making pages so I may hop over to some Lady Mechanika pages I started thumbnailing last year. Hmmm, only time will tell...




Owen Soule

Published October 6, 2019