A Year of Sketchbookery

January 4, 2019

Latest Post A Year of Sketchbookery by Owen Soule

2018 was a particularly unproductive year here at Soule Designs, especially from a comic page perspective, due to a whole bunch of real life getting in the way of my drawing. Lousy real life - get outta here! The lone lights in the dark abyss of an otherwise artless year have been Inktober and my sketchbook. So as is customary at the end of a year, I'm opening up the sketchbook for a recap! As is also customary, allow me to borrow some of my own expertly crafted verbiage from prior years:

Many of my sketches are drawn from the Croquis Cafe life modeling videos created by onairvideo. They’re a great resource and you definitely check them out if you’re doing any kind of figure drawing, also donate so they keep up the good work, you lousy bum! The rest of the sketches are mishmash of stupid cartoons, concepts, and even some drawings that made their way into various blog posts throughout the year.

In the interest of having a thumbnail image for this post, here is a drawing of Tupac I intended to ink for Inktober but opted against it because Tupac isn’t really a comic book character (or is he?)…

R u still down? Raise ‘em up!

Finally, here are the full set of 2018 sketches:

Sketchbook 2018
Be sure to scroll down as there are at least a couple pages worth - they'll load as you scroll down the page.

Owen Soule

Published January 4, 2019