Sandman 24 Layouts

April 13, 2018

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I went back and forth on a number of home grown script options for my next project and in the end I decided to just knock out a few pages from the Comic Script Archive. I opted for a section of Sandman #24 by Neil Gaiman that focuses on the Norse gods Odin and Loki. These versions aren’t the typical Marvel/Kirby renditions, but rather they are more true to actual Norse mythology. In this world Odin wears standard Viking garb and lives in a very dirty and rudimentary Asgard. Loki has weird cat eyes and is being tormented beneath the earth in large cave along with his wife. It’s all very strange and for more details you can checkout the first four pages of the script, but pictures are more fun so here are my concepts of the three characters:

Odin looking a bit like Lee Van Cleef based on the author's suggestion

Loki don't need no stinkin pants!

Loki's malnourished/long suffering wife, Sigyn

And here are my layouts for the four pages:





I wanted this post to include breakdowns of all these pages too but with nightly toddler bedtime battles I haven't dedicated nearly enough time to this project. Those will have to wait for another post - keep you creepy cat eyes peeled for Sandman updates….

Owen Soule

Published April 13, 2018