Hellblazer Cover Thumbs

December 16, 2017

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I decided to go ahead and do a Hellblazer cover to go along with the four pages I drew from Hellblazer 238. And since I dedicated a blog post to my Sixth Gun Cover Thumbs, I figured why not do the same for these?!   

A little background on the cover elements: the energy around Constantine’s hands (shaded light blue to make more readable) is some kind magic or sigil which he produces during a key scene in the story. The villains are a Victorian era demon known as Spring-heeled Jack and some homicidal soccer hooligans knows as The Smilers. These villain’s terrorize a woman who Constantine saves by employing his magical powers. This action all occurs in an alternate reality known as “Shadow Lodon” in which the buildings are falling apart and the whole place should look something like an abandoned war-zone.

For even more background, here are some concepts of the villains noted above and the woman John saves:

Razor wielding hooligans, oh my!

Alright, enough background already! Onward to the thumbs - initially I came up with the three options below:




I then asked around for family/friends opinions and the consensus was #2 with #3 following a close second. I personally liked the levitation aspect of #1, realized #2 was a bit too much like my Sixth Gun Cover (person aiming weapon/power) and thought #3 was a little too static. So I set about creating a #4!

Bow before #4!

I really like #4 so it's the one I'm going with. It has a lot of great diagonals, some cool depth with stacked figures and a large foreground element, and incorporates the magical sigils along with levitation. Also, it is a scene instead of a collage so it really stands apart from the Sixth Gun cover. Winning!

I'll post the full pencils of this page sometime next week when they are ready…

Owen Soule

Published December 16, 2017