November 8, 2017

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As noted in my Comic Next Steps, the first step of my next step was to render these Sixth Gun pages. That step is complete! I’m going to copy and paste my self-analysis/pontification from the course forum on these pages and the process. Here goes…

Here are my rendered pages and cover - this was tough because I typically do rendering traditionally but I wanted to try it digitally this time. It was great being able to undo but I really didn't have a feel for the tools until page three. I typically just use the pencil in Clip Studio and that's what I tried for the rendering but it seemed to create a blurry mess. So gradually I incorporated the digital nib (g-pen) tool and by the time I got to the cover I ditched the pencil and just did the g-pen. Not sure I would do this style on an actual project because I love working traditionally (and giving my eyes a computer break) but it was interesting nonetheless.

Looking over them now I think I need to work on draftsmanship especially with my hatching. I have a tendency to rush that and it comes out messy. Also, I probably should have tried some of Robert's techniques with the various smoke elements.

Sixth Gun 01_001.jpg

Sixth Gun 01_002.jpg

Sixth Gun 01_003.jpg

Sixth Gun 01_Cover.jpg

Aside from those self-critiques, I'm pretty happy with the pages and I'd consider them portfolio ready. We'll see what the instructor says tonight when class meets. Next I'll be moving onto the Hellblazer short... keep those eyes open for updates...

Owen Soule

Published November 8, 2017