Hellblazer Layouts and Breakdowns

November 21, 2017

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I’m way behind posting an update on this short - not for want of effort but for endless and ever varied sicknesses that have gripped myself and my family since my son started day care. We’re all still sick, but I’m continuing to work nonetheless! Dedication or obsessive behavior? Hard to say, and it doesn’t really matter because here are the layouts...





And because I dragged my feet on this update, here are the breakdowns that I just wrapped up tonight...

Hellblazer 238_001.jpg

Hellblazer 238_002.jpg

Hellblazer 238_003.jpg

Hellblazer 238_004.jpg

The next step on these pages is rendering and then I’ll be moving onto a cover for this issue just to add another portfolio piece.

Owen Soule

Published November 21, 2017