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November 2, 2017

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While most of my next steps are comical, this is not a post about bad decisions, oh no, it’s a post about my next comic projects! I've decided to go headlong into another Comics Experience course which means Helheim has likely seen it's last work. I'm OK with that because I'm all about getting a serviceable portfolio and getting some part time work drawing by early next year. Since I have 12 pages from Helheim, at least 3 will likely make the cut so that project has served it’s purpose. Moving onto the class, it is an Advanced Art class where instructor Robert Atkins acts as a mentor to help you accomplish your artistic goals. After filling out a survey and discussing my goals with Robert we came up with the following curriculum specifically targeted for me during the 8 week class (which began on 10/26/2017):

  1. Finish my Sixth Gun pages and cover in a professional style after Robert lectures on final rendering techniques
  2. Pick a script (thinking one of the Hellblazer's from the script archive) and do one or two character model sheets
  3. Create at least three pages from the new script and make sure they include modern elements like vehicle, buildings, etc.
  4. If time permits create a cover for the new script
  5. Find a collaborator for part time work, potentially a creator owned story by an author on CE, using the work from the course as a solid portfolio

Robert's lecture on rendering was last night so I am good to go on those Sixth Gun pages and will start right after I post this. As far as a script, I opted for Hellblazer #238 from the script archive and did some basic John Constantine character faces and rough thumbnails the first four pages of the script.

Constantine likes two things: smoking and killing? Maybe my version of him does?

Can almost...make out...something...

On top of the work noted in my list above, we're to complete a full set of 30 facial expressions for our main character, who in my case will be John Constantine. I have a head start on this above but I also did a set of faces roughly based on the Priest from Dead Alive. Why did I do this you ask? It was Inktober man, crazy things happen in Inktober. Anyway, here are the faces…

"I kick ass... for the Lord!"

Last, and probably least, is the full listing of facial expressions we're supposed to draw over the duration of the course with yours truly acting them out! That's too much Owen! AAAAAH!

Owen faces bring you looooove...
Owen Soule

Published November 2, 2017