Conky's Revenge Pencils

March 25, 2017

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To appease my rabid fans who are incessantly clamoring for more content, more content; I’m putting forth in this post the complete pencils for my Trailer Park Boys short, Conky’s Revenge. Hopefully this will sate your deranged appetites for all things Soule Designs and buy me a brief moment of peace!

Actually, that’s all lies. No one is clamoring… in fact I just completed these pencils which puts me almost a month behind where I planned to be at the end of February. When last you heard from me on this project I noted:

I still have a few pages to tighten up in the pencil stage before I move onto inking...

Uh, yeah. I guess “tightening up” took a bit longer than I thought. In fairness, these are borderline, if not over, OCD level tightness for comic pencils based on what I’ve seen from actual pros in the industry. Good thing I’m not a pro, don’t get paid, and can fiddle with this shit as long as I want! Also, these have had their levels adjusted to stand out better - they are no where near this contrasty in the versions I’m going to print and ink. Anyway, enjoy and feel free to make up your own dialog, in fact I encourage it!

Owen Soule

Published March 25, 2017