February 27, 2017

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I’ve been watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix and I had an itch to draw some of their antics. What started out as an innocent drawing devolved into an all out project somehow. Since it’s going to take a bit of effort I figured I’d throw out an initial post just to layout what the hell is going on here.

I remember it like it was yesterday…. it was a couple weeks ago and I had completed a very basic Jim Lahey staggering up to Cheeseburger Randy digital sketch. I typically draw on a comic page template in Clip Studio Paint, so once I was done I had something exactly like this:

Hey Rand Man, hows about a little drinky poo?

I liked it and I almost left it at this - printed it out and inked it - but something just didn’t sit right with me about that blank space. Since my next planned project was Helheim, I figured I’d fill the bottom with a woods scene (actually based on a photo of Ridley Creek State Park I took during a hike) since that comic has a bunch of wooded panels. And while just the woods were good, I couldn’t help punching it up a bit by adding a deranged Conky clawing his way from the serene stream:

Lahey also got drunker here and Randy is less enthused...

At this point I had created a two panel comic page and I thought that was the end of it. I printed it out on mixed media paper and just about began inking when I was once again struck by something not sitting right… or maybe it was procrastination? Either way, I put that page aside and starting doing layouts of additional pages in the “story”. While there isn't any written dialog for this yet, the book currently sits at eight pages just like my Red Wolf Night and Ghost shorts. Here are a couple panels - I won’t spoil the whole story but let’s just say Conky attempts to exact revenge by attacking park residents like a homicidal legless Chucky doll. Bubbles, in his Green Bastard outfit, intervenes and there is a “Samsquanch” thrown in for good measure.

Marvel Civil War style showdown

Samsquanch SMASH!

I still have a few pages to tighten up in the pencil stage before I move onto inking but I wanted to get this update out in February so it looks like I’m actually doing something each month in my blog history. It’s the little victories? Anyway, on this project I decided to do all my sketching digitally, then print out, ink and watercolor just like I did on some of the Phantasm art.

The sketched pages in Clip Studio

The next update on this project will be all eight inked pages - probably around the end of next month. After that I’ll watercolor the pages and post the finale!

Owen Soule

Published February 27, 2017