Creepy Sketching

May 22, 2016

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I happened on the Eerie Archives, Volume 1 quite by accident while browsing Comixology’s insanely large number of digital comic offerings.  After delving in, I became hooked on the awesomeness of 1960’s horror anthology comics - or maybe just horror anthologies in general - either way the hook-edness was palpable. Once I had devoured the deliciously devious first tome from Eerie, I hopped over to the original horror series from Warren Publishing, Creepy:

Where have you been my whole life, Creepy?

The art and the writing is just brilliant in these books, they remind me a lot of HBO's Tales from the Crypt that I watched in my youth. This makes perfect sense, because the 1960’s Creepy & Eerie magazines were based heavily on the 1950’s originals from EC comics, one of which was… wait for it… Tales from the Crypt! Oh, did I mention Frank Frazetta does most of the covers in these first edition magazines? Pretty bad ass.

Anyway, I got inspired by these comics and decided to do ink sketches of the hosts of each series, for Creepy that would be Uncle Creepy and for Eerie that would be Cousin Eerie. They are like the malformed Victorian whack jobs everyone likely has in their family somewhere - maybe somewhere deep in a crypt? Speaking of crypt, they aren’t quite as skeletal as the Crypt Keeper from HBO’s Tales from the Crypt, but I still read their voices in his crazy shrill cadence. It’s just better that way.

Yes, he's wearing slippers, I can take
no credit for that as I borrowed from a Frazetta sketch,
however I did toss in the skull for added creepiness

Cousin Eerie is pretty much what would happen if Alfred E. Neuman
ate only McDonalds and stole his wardrobe from the big and tall closet
of a community theater.

That's it. Short and sweet. I did a bit of woodworking this weekend too but I'll save that for another post. Now I'm off to bingewatch HBO's Tales from the Crypt and relive my youth... goodnight boys and ghouls, pleasant screaaaaams... AHAHAHAHAHA!

Yes, I'm a crazed corpse, deal with it.

Owen Soule

Published May 22, 2016