Dr. Orpheus - Finale!

December 31, 2015

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It took me two and a half years to circle back to this one, but I finally painted my Dr. Orpheus sculpt! I know, it’s shocking that I'm back in ZBrush-land after such a long hiatus, but it’s true and accepting it will make this easier? Anyway, the prior installments of this series walked through sculpting and rendering the model in ZBrush, so here I’m just going to present the painted version.

The color model rendered in Keyshot

The renders are just straight from Keyshot without any fancy textures or materials - the basic material makes it look eerily like a plastic sculpture which I dig. Also, it's New Year's Eve and I'm lazy so I didn't feel like fiddling with materials or compositing layers in Photoshop ;-) Here are the standard front, side, back, side orthographic views:


Here is a product shot kind of render that I really like, Keyshot is exceedingly good at these kinds of renders because that's what it’s made for!

Now if only I could 3D print this dude without taking a 2nd mortgage out!

And just to toss some more images in the mix and really bloat this post, here is the model being painted in ZBrush and the hideously grotesque flattened face texture.

See! I still know how to use ZBrush!

Enjoy this image haunting your nightmares!

That's it for now, hopefully I'll produce some new sculpts in 2016!

Owen Soule

Published December 31, 2015