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June 4, 2015

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When my brother first said he was writing a science fiction novel, he started off with “I already have the perfect idea for the cover!”

And so he described this detailed image of a hurricane eye, through which you can see a peaceful, sunny town, seemly unaffected by the chaos surrounding it. He then followed up with: “I just need to find someone to draw it”.

Not having much experience in either Photoshop painting or fantasy-type art, I asked for the job anyway since I wanted the challenge of trying something new. After providing me with a few pieces of reference material (images of hurricane clouds, picturesque towns in the countryside, and so forth), along with a general sketch, I got to work.

I must say that having very clear directions on the subject matter was a big help in getting the composition together. Some of the challenge of creating a book cover image is in answering the questions: 1) Which scene out of the whole book captures the essence of the story? and 2) Is it intriguing enough to make you want to learn more?

Oculus Original

The first image I created contained all the must-have features including the storm eye, the town, the fields, and the mountains. But after showing it to my brother he said he needed a scarier, more serious storm. So I darkened the sky and the clouds and also added lightening:

New Image

At this point, the title of the book hasn’t been finalized, but below is my rendering of how the final piece could look:

Draft Suggestedtitle

Stay tuned for more! I know I am personally looking forward to reading this novel once it comes out.

Laura Soule

Published June 4, 2015