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March 11, 2015

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I love to take photos, especially of nature, vistas, animals, or just something with an interesting color palette or pattern. The wonder-that-is-the-internet allows me to get favorite pics transformed into greeting cards (I’ve been using Walmart). This process has recently become so addictive that I’ve decided that custom-printed cards are the only way to go.

Here’s one of my photos of Southern Shores, NC that I took back in 2007:

Southern Shores

And here is the newly-minted card, along with some others I had made. As you can see, I’m a fan of lighthouses.

Img 2069

Additionally, I’m getting back into digital photo-editing, which expands the creative options even more. Below are 'before' and 'after' images of a photo I took in December of a poinsettia. This was done using filters, masks, and layers in Photoshop. I may use this for a holiday card later this year.

Orig Poinsettia   Poinst Pinkand Green

Of course, card-sending seems kind of quaint. Which is why I’m VERY modest in my print quantities.

I’ve used them for notes to family members, interview thank you-notes, and even to send a parking ticket check to the Swarthmore, PA Borough (I figured the visibility couldn’t hurt!)

Initially conceived as a venue to document some home improvement projects, this blog has since expanded into other pursuits including anything from jewelry to art appreciation to textiles.

Art and art-making have always been an important part of my life. I believe there is therapeutic power in one’s own imagination, and it can be tapped through any kind of beautiful ‘object of meditation’. Whether in the form of music, photos, a good story, or the things only Mother Nature can take credit for, art nurtures our brains and souls. Like spirituality, art may not be necessary for survival but it definitely makes life worth living. Happy imagining!

Laura Soule

Published March 11, 2015