Salvation Army Lass- Part 6

February 19, 2014

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The constant and ridiculous snowfall this winter has tried to break me, but I can't, neh, shan't be deterred from completing the Salvation Army Lass series!   I wrapped up the bulk of the sculpting on this project over the weekend with a few final tweaks to the facial expression over the past couple nights.   First off is my preferred angle of the sculpt, some might call this the "money" shot, but I simply call it "front".  Anyway, pretty much everything in the shot was setup for this angle:

I wrestled with her facial expression for some time, alternating between shock, muted anger, and full on pissed off, and opted for the vaguely cartoony pissed off sneer because that's my style.   Since I did the face posing on ZBrush layers the opportunity presented itself for some animation - so get ready for the best three seconds of your day - an animation of your Salvation Army lass going from dazed to pissed off!

When I finished posing both characters the blank base looked a bit too bare so I added in the ground, some random fiber mesh grass, and some barbed wire courtesy of Bad King's excellent barbed wire insert multimesh brush.   With two pretty detailed characters and all that jazz on the base my project bloated to MacBook Pro crushing size...

My MacBook Pro is not amused by this in the least

Now for those who can't get enough here are tons o views of the sculpt, because apparently I have more time than good sense when it comes to rendering views?   What the hell, there is a top view in there too, for the shits and giggles!

That's a whole lotta view!  My next steps are doing some poly painting and rendering this scene in Maya with a more war torn background and some nice MentalRay shaders.   Here is a glimpse of some of the clothing brought into Maya and rendered in MentalRay, not particularly compelling but the metal buttons look cool?  More to come....

Owen Soule

Published February 19, 2014