Salvation Army Lass - Part 3

November 28, 2013

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Salvation Army Lass Part 3: The Quickening!  The more I looked at my prior composition the less I liked it, my main problem was the position of the legs and the strange void created by the stretching skirt:

I tried a few subtle variations on this pose and roughed in  a few of the accessories just to get a feel for the composition.  And yes, I am going with a slain creature at her feet because that's just crazy enough to work!

The one of the bottom right was my favorite, though I didn't really like the surprised look - I want her story to be one of more "badassedness".  To remedy this I crafted a sample pose that is a combination of the top right and bottom right poses:

I really like the diagonals in this composition and the pissed off sneer seems to fit perfectly.  Here is the model sheet from various sides:

These are good to get a feel for overall form but for the final comp I'm likely going to stick with an 3/4 view very similar to the larger version above - only with less of an angle of view to avoid a fisheye effect.   Now I'm off to eat Thanksgiving dinner and then belly up to Maya and start some gun and knife modeling!

Owen Soule

Published November 28, 2013