Salvation Army Lass - Part 2

November 22, 2013

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When last we left the tale of the Salvation Army Lass she was essentially a creepy nude mannequin that looked something like this:

You'll be glad to know that lo these many weeks have produced an exactly as creepy posed nude mannequin!

Stop staring at me, you're weirding me out!

While that's all well and good, a kneeling nude figure doesn't really conjure up anything remotely Salvation Army-ish or, in the case of my concept, a riff on the Salvation Army in the form of a murderous female delivering death!  To remedy this I present a color paint-over that points towards where this sculpt is going:

The aftermath of what is referred to in the military as "getting stabby"

There, now that is slightly less creepy, or perhaps more creepy, hard to say.  To next level this shit I'm considering a murdered mutant creature laying at her feet:

The Starship Troopers slogan just fits... so good...

Wait... did she just murder the king of those Avatar things?  Or is that Mumm-rah?  Or Beast from X-men? Either way, the jury is still out on the whole creature murder thing.   That's it for now, hopefully I'll have more updates on this coming soon!

Owen Soule

Published November 22, 2013