Skull studies

October 14, 2013

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Ever wonder what your skull looks like?  Don't worry, I have.   Too weird?  Deal with it.  And in that vein, here are some skull studies.  Lest the viewer think I've shot my bolt:1) It is almost Halloween so skulls are cool

2) My latest ZBrush course starts with a few skull studies

3) There are companies dedicated to making skull reproductionsSo it begins...

Woah woah woah. I bought into the whole skull thing, but your labels on these skulls are just crazy. I'm turning you in, man.To this I answer, not so fast. See whereas my skull labels may seem odd and peculiar to the uninitiated, in reality, they are merely lifted from the internets. In fact, they are lifted from a pretty cool site called BoneClones.comAnd here are my alibis:

Human Female European Skull BC-133

Human Male Asian Robust Skull BC-287

Human Male African Skull BC-110

So there, I'm not crazy, skull dealers exist on the internet and welcome, neh, request ZBrush interpretation!  Until next time....

Owen Soule

Published October 14, 2013