In the kitchen

October 12, 2013

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At long last we have been able to scrape out some time to refurbish that room where so much important stuff happens - It's where we greet our loved ones, find nourishment, gather our wits before heading out to face the world, and store our dirty shoes: The kitchen.

Entryway during walkthrough
This very cramped space made it impossible to do much of anything - even doing laundry was difficult
New view of the entryway
And now no appliances!! Owen put in a cool Shaker peg rail to hold coats, etc.
View of the entryway
View of the sitting room from the kitchen
This is another view of the grey-blue sitting room from the kitchen
This is after!
So much better with paint and new beadboard backsplash
New paint in the kitchen
We went with red to match the sitting room
Another view of the new kitchen
New home for the appliances
In case you were wondering where the washer/dryer ended up, everything is here in the basement
Water for the laundry room
This is the new plumbing system Owen installed in order to service the sink, the washer, and the water to the outside. Kind of a steampunk-inspired design I think.

Laura Soule

Published October 12, 2013