Dr. Orpheus - Part 3

July 10, 2013

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Very quick update on the Dr. Orpheus sculpt, got in a bit of time this past weekend sculpting flowing cloth and other such necromancy, below is a render from ZBrush:

This was rendered using a ZBrush MapCap called "RS_GreyResin" from Ralph Stumpf's MatCap library available from Gnomon.  And for a full view of all sides, here is a character strip:

He has a very Ra's al Ghul / Dr. Strange / Vincent Price quality about him that I really dig.  Anyway, don't hold your breath for a color version as I likely won't swing back to painting this guy for a while because I'm beginning on a CG Society course this week - look for updates on that as I work through the course material over the next eight weeks!

Owen Soule

Published July 10, 2013