Toby's on guard duty

May 18, 2013

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My slacking on my Licorice Merlin rigging continues!  This time I side-tracked myself with another great course from Digital Tutors, Skill Builder: Sculpting in ZBrush and Maya.   This was right up my alley because I'm not a big fan of instructor lead courses where you create exactly what is prescribed.  The Skill Builder course was much more practical in that there were min-lessons where you had to apply concepts and a final that combined all those mini-lessons into one uber-scuplt.  So without further adieu, here is my un-colored final project from said course, a tantalizing sculpture I'm calling "Guard Duty":

"Toby" here ain't guarding but two things, jack and shit, and jack left town.

And for varied and sundry views of the scuplt, here is the character sheet created with the ZBrush plug-in ZAppLink - click the image for a larger version:

So many angles, so little beer...

Ok, so maybe this guy needs a bit of backstory.  The aforementioned Digital Tutors course had the following objectives in its final project:  create a character, give him/her/it at least three accessories, and utilize Maya and ZBrush when creating the character. As it's prone to do, my mind goes to what I know, and having done Revolutionary War Reenacting as a teenager I figured a Revolutionary War soldier, with all his accouterments, would make a good sculpture.

File photos of teenage Owen proving I've always looked confused and/or bored.

Luckily I found plenty of old pictures to use as source material, but the real kicker was the dude below I stumbled across doing a Google image search.  Hopefully he never knows he served as the primary inspiration for this sculpt.

My censored muse, codename "Toby", sorry dude...

So there you have it, some old timey reenacting pics of yours truly combined with a picture of a man who loves reenacting and beer yielded "Guard Duty".    Some may say this sculpt is in fact a witty commentary on reenacting, I however would never say such a thing for fear of reprisal from family and friends.   By the way, I nicknamed the character "Toby" because his clutched beer, rotund face, and lack of neck reminded me of one of those Toby jugs:

Where have I seen you before?

As far as the actual modeling workflow:  most of the hard surface pieces (mug, bottles, carton, etc.) were created in Maya and most of the organics were created in ZBrush with ZSphere armatures.    The final ZBrush model has 60 subtools and is roughly 23 millions points!

The low poly model in ZBrush with wires turned on and fibers hidden, that's still a whole lotta poly!

Alright, that's it for now, stay tuned for an update on this sculpt after polypainting is complete.  I'll also put out a 360 degree turntable at that point, possibly a spiffy one that fades from wires to solid color to full color?  You should be so lucky!

Owen Soule

Published May 18, 2013