Dia de los Hops

May 27, 2013

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Yes, the day of the hops is at hand!  Well, not really, in fact "Dia de los Hops" is just a faux beer label created for the color version of "Guard Duty" below:

Toby spilled a beer!  Party foul!

The "Dia de los Hops" logo can be faintly seen on the bottle labels and beer cartoon in the sculpt above, lovingly applied via Spotlight in ZBrush for all to enjoy.  And for those who can't get enough Day of the Dead themed beer labels, check out the label detail:

Of course my fake brewery would make an Imperial IPA, I dub that fictitiously delicious!

Actually I can't take credit for the sugar skull and hops artwork because they were free svgs I pulled off the web, but I will take credit for assembling them into a collage of skully-beery goodness.What's that?  Make with the turntable?   Ok, well, not quite yet.  I've been wracked with crippling house projects this holiday weekend.  Namely a kitchen faucet replacement that took 12 hours, 2 trips to the hardware store, and uncountable bruises and scrapes from wedging myself into tiny torturous cabinet openings. Why should you care?  Well the horrific or amusing (depending on your perspective) picture of me toiling on plumbing projects is my only excuse for not completing the full color turntable of "Guard Duty" I promised in my last post.  But never fear, it will be forthcoming sometime this week...

Owen Soule

Published May 27, 2013