Back porch clean up

May 12, 2013

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By far one of the coolest rooms in the house, the enclosed back porch was still a bit rustic-looking and needed some sprucing. The built in cabinet had an odd hole underneath that seemed to be the perfect through-way between the outdoors and the basement - I'm sure the mice loved it for their winter home. Not shown in the photos, there is now about 500 lbs of solid concrete where the hole used to be.

Back porch before
Built-in bookcase
This is what was hiding the mouse superhighway below...
Another view of the porch
What it looked like during the walkthrough
Cabinet removal
Bill and Owen making progress on opening up this area.
Drywall installed where the cabinets used to be
Next phase - the walls
Now Owen's clearing out the unnecessary features (like a sink we'll never use)
Getting ready to do the ceiling, walls and trim.
For the floors, we started with two coats of Zinsser primer
Followed by two coats of paint
Red floor - still wet
For the paint we used Home Depot's porch/garage paint in the 'Brick' color
New workspace
Miss the shelves? I don't either. This is a brand new workspace where the magic happens...
New porch
Another view of the painted porch with some new furnishings.
Glass door
Glass doors inside are a great feature. This one had been removed when we first moved in. It's back in place now after 2.5 years :-)
Completed porch
Diffy approves!

Laura Soule

Published May 12, 2013