Sir Ferris and the Dragon

March 18, 2013

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A few months ago I found some old comic strips in the attic... but they weren't alone.   There were a number of random pieces of artwork that may or may not make their way onto the Soule Designs blog, depending on my tolerance for shame and public ridicule, but one that surely will is an illustrated children's book entitled "Sir Ferris and the Dragon".

Is that dragon cannibalizing its mutant, text-based, dragon brethren?

Yes, another piece of early 90s cartoon buffoonery from yours truly.   The plot of this tale is pretty basic: you meet a knight and a king, you are presented with the dilema of a dragon kidnapping the queen, and it all wraps up when the knight goes and beats up the dragon and rescues the queen.   Pretty solid story arc there - but hold on - throw in the use of  the name Ferris (due to my juvenile love of skipping school and Ferris Bueller) along with some blatant Popeye rip-offs and you've got a meandering, derivative story kids just can't get enough of!

Woah there, before you rush out and try to pen the movie version of Sir Ferris and the Dragon or hock it as an e-book on Amazon, this stuff is firmly copywrited copyrighted as of 1990:

Don't even try it, I'm all lawyered up over here?

How such an egregious spelling error got through into a production copy of this book I'll never know - I'm sure it had something to do with going to public school in Florida or my lack of access to Microsoft Word back in the day.   Looking through the story now, my favorite illustration is this one:

No only is it misogynistic, there are strange elements of S&M with the studded collar and it smacks of 80s due the queen's frizzy perm!   Clearly I was a troubled child and likely should not be sharing this online, but what the heck, checkout the full pdf below!

Owen Soule

Published March 18, 2013