Me and Cthulhu - Finale

January 12, 2013

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All ridiculously protracted ZBrush projects must come to and end and for my Cthulhu sculpture that time is now.   Last weekend I finished the adventure by posing the beast in ZBrush and compositing it into an angry seascape in Photoshop.   The finished product is shown below - click for cataclysmic levels of image detail or merely a slightly larger image if you have a tiny monitor.

That's not the ocean calling, it's Cthulhu, and he is  pissed

For an equally epic turntable I used a bit of Maya digital ocean magic, a bit of After Effects titling, shocking levels of high definition, and some crazy-ass-end-of-the-world music to push it over the top.

Astute viewers will note the turntable includes a loin cloth for Cthulhu - this spares everyone from the horror of Cthul-ass in HD!   Inquiring minds may wonder where a world-destroying old god may acquire such a garment - I'm thinking he skinned a giant world-destroying seal and fashioned the pelt into a makeshift diaper - makes sense to me?Ok, for a recap of the all the phases of this sculpture checkout my prior three installments:

I'm pretty pleased with how this sculpture turned out - the pose and composition are almost exactly what I had in mind when I created my initial sketch - only with a bit more detail as the beast is walking out of the ocean rather than submerged up to its shoulders.

Brother from another mother?

The final render on this was helped greatly by this tutorial , I highly recommend it to anyone interested in render passes and subsurface scattering in ZBrush and compositing those passes in Photoshop.Now that I see the final composition I can't help but think what a wicked piece of van art it would make:

Dude, boss Cthulhu mural on your mini-van maaaan

That's it for now, my deep dive into ZBrush is officially complete and now it is time to press on to new and exciting projects - or maybe play Assassin's Creed 3 for a while - hard to say....

Owen Soule

Published January 12, 2013