The fun begins on our new house

May 10, 2011

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In March 2011 we bought our first home, a Tudor revival number in need of some serious TLC. The first phase involved repairing the floors, many of which were completely destroyed (due to years of previous feline activity).

After carpet removal but before wood repair
Carpet is gone. Now it gets interesting.
Sanded living room, awaiting sealant
Plywood under the tile
Yay - more scraping awaits...
After the tile removal - More scraping...
Tearing off the tile meant that we couldn't help but damage some of the boards. But those were all replaced.
Stairway - Patched and sanded
New floorboards in the sitting room
Sitting room with new floorboards
Damaged wood
Cat pee damage was in almost every corner of the house, meaning a lot of boards had to be replaced. Owen and his dad Bill did an amazing job repairing it.
Sam poses with finished hallway
Wood replacement begins!
Front hall, after carpet and tile removal
Front hall, after wood replacements and sanding
View of front hall, after arduous removal of tiles
Did they have to use both glue AND a thousand screws? Anyway, it's done at last.
Front hall during walkthrough
This is a shot of the living and hallway during the walkthrough
Celtic knot repair complete in this corner
Owen salvaged some of the wood to redo the lovely knotting.
Repair of the wood celtic knotting
Living room floor board repair
My dad-in-law Bill Soule went above and beyond to help us with this seemingly endless task of floor repair
Step one - Carpet removal
First task was to tear out all the carpet
Sam poses with finished dining room floor
Another view of the front hallway during walkthrough
Finished hallway and dining room floors
Completed floor in the living room

Laura Soule

Published May 10, 2011