Who Watches the CET?

March 14, 2009

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Did a bit of work today on the "couch" end table - I'm thinking of adopting an acronym for this build so from here on out I reserve the right to intermittently reference CET when discussing this project. There are no notable pictures from today as I was simply finalizing the dry fitting process began last weekend.

In other news I picked up the "Watchmen" graphic novel a few days ago and finished it today. The story is incredibly good, it reminds me of the old "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" graphic novel from the eighties. That may be because the Dark Knight was the only graphic novel I actually bought back in my nerdly, comic book obsessed youth. Or it may be because they are both DC graphic novels from the eighties?  Regardless, I have a feeling I'll be disappointed in the movie after reading the comic but we'll see.

Owen Soule

Published March 14, 2009