Master of the Moondog

1950s Sci Fi cover art in digital sculpt format!

  • Final Composition

    Final version of the two models rendered in ZBrush.

  • Character Sheet

    Moondog mastery from all angles!

  • Original Artwork

    The artwork for the short story "Master of the Moondog" that inspired this sculpt.

  • Charley Sketch

    Charley, the moondog, in sketch format.

  • Darbor Sketch

    Darbor, the Martian bombshell/golddigger, in sketch format.

  • Darbor's Helmet

    Darbor's helmet created in Maya and rendered using Mental Ray. I opted against using Mental Ray for the final color render, though the reflections are really cool!

Project Description

This sculpt was inspired by the Vintage Sci-Fi 2013 Calendar my wife gave me as a gift.   Leafing through I found the perfect muse for a ZBrush sculpt - the cover art for "Master of the Moondog"!  "Master of the Moondog" is a short story, or a rollicking lunar novelet if you will, by Stanley Mullen.  It was published in the July 1952 edition of Planet Stories magazine.   

Project Details
Date March 2013
Categories Sculpture
Software Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
Pixologic ZBrush