I'm Owen Soule 

Artist, Designer & Developer

Happiness Pie

More specifically, professional software developer and part time artist with delusions of grandeur. Soule Designs exists to present the strange and often troubling confluence of my programmer and artist halves.



After graduating from Fayetteville Manilus High School in Syracuse, NY, I headed off to college for art. My first stop was the State University of New York (SUNY) New Paltz near Poughkeepsie, NY. From New Paltz I transferred to West Chester University in West Chester, PA and continued with art/graphic design classes until I happened on computer science and was hooked. After switching majors, I earned a Bachelor of Science in computer science and also graduated with a minor in fine art since I had accumulated so many studio art credits.


Work Experience

I began my career with a small consulting firm, Elementum, Inc., where I had to the opportunity to learn a wide range of technolgies and work on some very interesting web projects. After five years with Elementum, Inc. I decided to broaden my work experience with emerging web technologies. At my next job, Merion Matters, I worked on a wide variety of projects including a job board and an online job fair application. I am currently employed at Advanced Enterprise Technologies Inc., which provides custom insurance software to nonprofits.



When I'm not drawing or computing I have a bad habit of watching really bad horror movies and enjoying them way too much. I also love woodworking and someday aspire to be Norm Abram. I’ve spent a few years of my free time renovating a 1920's house so I’m pretty qualified?